Sold another iPhone

Sold another iPhone.

  • July 2010: Paid $299 for an iPhone 4S (+6.5% FL sales tax, +$18 AT&T upgrade fee, plus a case - got a so-so one right away for $30 or $35; the free one I got arrived a few weeks later and was better; I'm using the case for my 4S so it doesn't really count anyway.)
  • January 2012: Listed on eBay for $295, sold for $300 exactly
  • eBay keeps $27.70 - 9% + 0.35 + another 0.35 because I had to list twice because the first buyer flaked on me
  • $300 sent to me via PayPal, they keep $9 (3%)
  • $263.30 so far, plus I need to pay for shipping

Remember: when buying an iPhone, you'll pay $100 for each storage increase but you'll only see about $50 of that at resale time. If I would have had a $199 base iPhone 4, I probably would have gotten about $250.