I'm looking forward to Macs with Apple-designed CPUs

In 2003, I had a PowerMac G5 at work. It had two 2.0 GHz CPUs.

When Apple transitioned to Intel CPUs, I got a white plastic MacBook with a 1.83 GHz dual-core Intel Core Duo CPU. (It was quite an upgrade from my 800 MHz G3 iBook.)

I used to rip DVDs a lot. My dual-1.83 GHz Intel laptop could rip DVDs faster than my dual-2 GHz G5 PowerMac. I forget how much faster, but it was significant. I think around 10 or 20%. Considering the CPU was running at an 8.5% lower clock speed, that was very impressive. (And no, it was not because the optical drive was faster. I'd copy the raw contents to the hard drive first, then run them through HandBrake.)

I'm expecting similar awesomeness from Apple Silicon when it starts shipping.