The Golden Ratio

Fun read. And I agree 100%.

"The golden ratio is total nonsense in design. Here's why."

Let me be clear. I agree with the general premise — that the ratio doesn't have any amazing properties. (Other than certain technical usefulness.) But lines like this — "'Strictly speaking, it's impossible for anything in the real-world to fall into the golden ratio, because it's an irrational number,' says Keith Devlin, a professor of mathematics at Stanford University." — are just flat out wrong. That's like saying that there's no such thing as a circle because pi is irrational. Oh wait, they go on to say that two sentences later: "Just as it's impossible to find a perfect circle in the real world, the golden ratio cannot strictly be applied to any real world object. It's always going to be a little off." Um, OK. Circles don't exist in the real world. Got it. Thank you, Fast Company!