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iOS 9's 'News' app is not that great

Oh. My. God. This thing sucks out loud.

When setting it up, you have to choose a source from their short list to start. (CNN, The New York Times, Fox News, etc.) No way past it. Fine. I pick the NYT, figuring I'll delete it later. I add Daring Fireball. And Wired. I look at a couple things. I see no way to just look at just one source (i.e., just Wired.) I see no way to delete things from my list of sources. The tabs at the bottom (on my iPhone) are "For You", which has God knows what — I guess it's the NYT, mostly; "Favorites", which is empty; "Explore", which is like "browse", compared to the next tab, which is "Search", and then finally "Saved", which is empty because I haven't saved anything. And that's all there is.

Like I said, I see no way to look at a single content source and I see no way to delete any of the sources I've chosen. I google "how to use apple news" and the first match is a Wired article, "Apple News Is the Best New Thing About the iPad", with which I respectfully disagree. No useful links. I go to support.apple.com, click "iPhone", then "iOS 9", then "built-in apps", then "Learn more about News", and there's info about it but nothing on how to use it.

Oh yeah, and the way it lays out stories is worthless too. One-size-fits-all never works. (I don't like Flipboard, either.) You get a little box about 3/4" high with as much of the headline and/or some article content that fits, plus maybe an image.

So basically, it's a minimally-configurable app, and you have nearly no control over what you see. It's like watching TV while a stranger works the remote. Toss. (Well, actually, you can't delete it, so it goes into the "Junk" folder, along with Stocks, Tips, and the rest.)

Designing the first level of Mario

The Photoshop Alphabet

A - Path Selection Tool/Direct Selection Tool. (aka the Arrow tool)
B - Brush
C - Crop
D - Default Foreground and Background Colors (black foreground/white background)
E - Eraser
F - Full screen mode
G - Gradient/Paint Bucket
H - Hand (or, press and hold "space")
I - Eyedropper Tool (I = "eye")
J - Healing Brush Tool (and others) (no mnemonic)
K - Knife tool (don't let the silent K fool you!)
L - Lasso Tools
M - Marquee Tools
N - Notes Tool
O - Dodge Tool (and Burn and Sponge)
P - Pen Tool
Q - Quick Mask mode
R - Blur Tool (and Sharpen and Smudge)
S - Clone Stamp Tool (and Pattern Stamp Tool)
T - Type Tool
U - Line Tool (and other shapes) (no mnemonic)
V - Move Tool
W - Magic Wand
X - Swap foreground and background colors (you can see how X is kind of like "switch")
Y - History Brush Tools (no mnemonic)
Z - Zoom Tool (or, press and hold command/control-space to zoom in and option/alt-command/control-space to zoom out)

More awesome housing

This place is amazing. The only thing that could make it better would be surrounding it with a lazy river. :-)

Great article about designing with accessibility in mind

I can't say enough about this piece. Lots of good info here from a member of the Salesforce.com design team.

Disney color palettes

Very cool. Check'em out.

Apple Watch App Design

I'm sure there will be many articles about this. Here's one. It's a great overview of how he made the app, and how he changed it immediately after actually spending some time using it.

Before (left) and after (right)

Cinematography Analysis

"Every Frame a Painting". Good stuff.

Every Automotive Emblem, Explained

Title says it all. (Except they don't cover every emblem. Sadly, they mention Oldsmobile's but they don't show it.) Not super in-depth, but they cover a lot.

The story of EA's hockey game

Not quite "design of", but the story behind the game is pretty neat.