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Apple Watch App Design

I'm sure there will be many articles about this. Here's one. It's a great overview of how he made the app, and how he changed it immediately after actually spending some time using it.

Before (left) and after (right)

Cinematography Analysis

"Every Frame a Painting". Good stuff.

Every Automotive Emblem, Explained

Title says it all. (Except they don't cover every emblem. Sadly, they mention Oldsmobile's but they don't show it.) Not super in-depth, but they cover a lot.

The story of EA's hockey game

Not quite "design of", but the story behind the game is pretty neat.

Evolution of the Star Wars logo

I love this stuff. I drew countless 'STAR WARS' logos in my notebooks as a kid. These are much better. :-)

Awesome housing

I just found out about this: "Habitat 67", in Montreal, Canada. "It was originally conceived as [a] master's thesis in architecture at McGill University and then built as a pavilion for Expo 67, the World's Fair held from April to October 1967."

You always get the coolest things from World's Fairs.

Pixels: The Movie

Of course I was going to link to this.

Happy 25th birthday, Photoshop!

Enjoy this video of some current Photoshop users trying to use Photoshop 1.0.


Stephen Hackett at 512 Pixels has a great writeup on how the iPad has changed in 5 years — and how much it hasn't. The most striking thing to me is that it's gone from 1/2 inch thick to 1/4 inch. As he points out, "the entire iPad Air 2 is as thick as the sidewall on the original iPad." (Referring to the gently tapered profile of the original iPad.)

Sound design?

Yup, love that too. It's everywhere — computers, cars, and even food.

Detail about fajitas is here:

Chili’s kept the recipe simple and relied primarily on the sizzle to not only turn heads but also trigger a barrage of senses: you hear them, then you notice the smoke and smell the aroma. Add up all of that, and you don’t just taste or see a neat-looking dish with Chili’s sizzling fajitas. You experience it.