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Safari on Windows

Apple has released a beta of Safari 3 for Windows. I will mostly talk about the UI compared to Safari on OS X and other Windows apps, but I'll also point out a couple new Safari 3 features.

Intel Macs Rule

I am soooo happy that Apple switched to Intel CPUs. Not because I care about x86 vs PPC, but because the new chips kick ass in general, and because they make one very cool thing possible.

Apple vs. Microsoft

Some people are complaining that Apple's new ads just spend too much time making fun of Microsoft. But a) Microsoft deserves it and b) Apple warned them.

Web Browsers on PDAs

I've had my new PDA (a used Dell Axim X50v) for a few weeks and have spent some time with three browsers: Opera, Minimo (from Mozilla), and of course the included Internet Explorer from Microsoft. This isn't an exhaustive review of them but there are some things you might be interested in, and I have a few questions that hopefully someone reading this might know the answer to.


So, I'm thinking of getting a new PDA. Probably a Dell Axim or HP iPaq, since they're probably the most common and threfore the cheapest, but maybe a Sony Clie--they look pretty nice.

UPDATE: Got one! Read more below.

A Favorite Quote

One of my favorite quotes, ever:

The aim is to "commodotise the protocol". By giving the stack away, maybe we can stop everyone obsessing over how to format the bits on the wire, and get them writing applications instead."

—Craig Southeren, co-founder of OpenH323, 1998


Getting frames from DVDs

OS X disables the ability to take screenshots when a DVD is playing. With the regular key commands, at least. It still works from the terminal. I wrote a little script that takes a screenshot and advances the DVD one frame.


MacBook setup

Woo hoo! My new MacBook showed up two days early--July 3rd instead of July 5th. Here's my notes on setup (hardwre and software) and other observations.

People pay for Windows?

Boot Camp is very cool, as is Parallels, but tech writers crack me up.