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My new Honda

I recently bought a 1996 Honda Prelude. I had been looking for a new car for a while. I was in no hurry to get one since my truck ran fine but I wanted something different.

Serving on OS X: Postfix

This guy has an absolutely incredible, pretty detailed list of explainations on how to do all kinds of neat things with a Mac: web serving, MySQL, weblogs, etc. The one thing he stops short on is Postfix.


I'm making a list of influential designers, artists, etc. from all walks of life—everyone from Leonardo Da Vinci to Roger Black. This has nothing to do with Macs, I'm just using this space so I can add to my list from wherever I am.

The one accessory the Mini needs

Ever since the Mac Mini came out, the one thing I wished it had was more ports, especially on the front of the unit. The few ports on the Mini are inconveniently on the back of the unit and very crowded. I envision a base station, shaped like the Mini and maybe an inch tall.

A brief note about the Sony DVMC and iLife 05

I have two Sony DVMCs, a DA1 and a DA2. As has been reported here, iMovie 05 does not work with the DA1. It does work with the DA2. Both work fine in iMovie 04. If you try to reinstall iMovie 04, it will complain that a newer version is already present. Here's how to fix that.

OS X annoyances

This is just a place for me to list all the little things that bug me about OS X. Most are true 'flaws' (or, at least, 'things that could easily be fixed'), not just gripes like 'I think the window buttons should be orange, purple, and blue instead of red, yellow, green.' Some are OS X flaws, some are application flaws. If they're application flaws I list them anyway if they're specific to the OS X version of that application (as opposed to Windows) like the clipboard flaw described below. UPDATE: Tiger is out but I don't have it yet. All these flaws are in OS X 10.3/Panther.

OS X, root, admins, and users

This started out as a brief overview of how OS X deals with the UNIX concept of a user named 'root.' However, I quickly found that I have to talk about the way OS X handles users in general to cover that. As far as I know, the information here is correct. If you see any errors or inaccuracies, please mention them in the comments.

Mac Mini Notes #1

Late 2004/Early 2005: New rumors of a sub-$500 Macintosh surface.

January 11, 2005: The Mac Mini is announced at the Macworld Expo Keynote and will start shipping on January 22. The rumors are correct: the base model is a 1.25 GHz G4 with 256 MB RAM. It also has a 40 GB hard drive and combo drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW.)